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We Like Shooting Raw and Uncensored!
We Like Shooting Raw and Uncensored!
We Like Shooting Double Tap 232 - Dragon Deez

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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 232, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 







Hound  Dog 

Hope you don’t mind but I wanted to chime in on the hearing protection discussion you guys have been having. Two weeks ago I was listening to episode 429 while I shot a respectable 6 point whitetail at 60 yards, using my 9mm Ghost Firearms 7.5″ upper on a PSA lower Pistol, using endo mags and an Atibal Striiker, paired with a CT CMR-201 laser; shooting Federal HST. After listening to episode 431 yesterday on my Wlaker Razor XV and shooting two Does I want to send provide my feedback and hear your thoughts.

I was listening, to 429, with my ProEars StealElite I purchased after hearing Chad’s review on G&GR (feel free to send this to them). However, I lost that pair that night while tracking the buck. I have/had several different pairs of active hearing protection but have not found the perfect pair yet. I would like to know how your experiences compare. The ProEars were the third pair I’ve owned.

I liked:

the battery life (8+ hours) but didn’t like fact that I would forget to turn off each earbud separately

That they connected to multiple devices

the small light cord that kept them together and ran the BT

The Cons were:

having three switches to turn off

the Bluetooth being rechargeable but the earbuds taking their own very small batteries

the ambient sound volume did not seem that loud but they would pick up airplanes as if they were flying at 100′ or cars a mile away would seem like they were going to run me over

Never any complaints about call quality

They tended to be very uncomfortable after several hours of use

did not stay in my ear very well despite trying several sizes and techniques

I lost them because I had pulled them off a couple of weeks earlier and the little clip had come off. I found it but never put it back on. I’ll chalk this up to my fault. Despite knowing the general area I lost them I was unable to find the black small headset the next day.

These replaced a set of Walker Silencer, which I only had for a day (compared to the ProEars that I owned for about 13 months). The Silencers were extremely uncomfortable and heavy. They used an app to control the volumes, the battery life was terrible, and everything ran through one side; so when that side died the other side was useless. They were so bad I returned them after using them for just one opening moring of Deer season. One plus is I did use them for one call while driving in a loud truck and there were no complaints on the sound quality.

I really like my Walker Razor XV (in the discontinued orange). This was the first headset I purchased, over two years ago. If it weren’t for three major cons I never would have purchased another type. I have probably about 10,000+ hours of use on these. For about the last year I have primarily used them for work. They are tethered to my laptop and I use them every day for meetings. The sound quality is great, the mic is great, I love being able to control the Bluetooth and ambient sounds independently. I can really crank up the ambient volume. While not perfect I would give the ambient sound quality 3 stars. I can make out what people are saying but find a normal conversation difficult and will remove them if talking directly with someone (where the ProEars I couldn’t really make out what people were saying). The wind noise on the XV’s is a little more than with the ProEars but it is better managed with the volume controls. They fit my ears great and I can wear them comfortably all day long.

The three Con’s are:

the part that sits on your neck, I’ve had it interfere with shouldering my rifle while hunting, and it is annoying when dressing in layers

The battery life is only 4 hours 15 minutes (hasn’t dropped in the 2 years I’ve owned them)

The cords that connect the earbuds to the main unit tend to get snagged on brush and things

This last thing led me to purchase a pair of “

Walker’s Razor Slim Quad Electronic Bluetooth Earmuffs”. I put a set of Peltier mounts on these and mounted them on my Fast style airsoft helmet that I have my headlamp mounted on. The Pro’s are:

They don’t get snagged in the brush

The battery life is amazing (like 30+ hours)

The Con’s are:

The Bluetooth connection sucks. My phone has to be within 2′ of the headset. If my phone is in my pants pocket the connection gets choppy. Luckily while running my hounds I usually carry my phone in a pouch on the strap of my pack anyway. So this isn’t a major con for me.

Call quality sucks and is almost unusable

The ambient sound quality is pretty bad. I can’t tell which direction the dogs are and at max volume doesn’t seem any louder than normal hearing.

They do become uncomfortable after several hours of use

The ear cup is very shallow, there is no way Shawn’s big ears are fitting in these things (I have heard that the noise fighters fit these but I was not spending another $100 on a headset)

the battery door comes off very easily and has almost been lost twice

The sound quality isn’t great but they work fine for Podcasts and Audiobooks

I generally walk around with them pulled away from my ears. Then I snap them down when I’m getting into the dogs.

Having BlueTooth active hearing protection has been a real game-changer for me. It has allowed me to listen to more content and make better use of my time. I hunt a lot and now can consume great content and better myself while doing so. I can also now take my work in the field with me. I often will even conduct meetings while in the woods hunting. Even when working in my home office, I like being able to hear what is going on around me. I have never had any issues with the suppression of noises. In fact, I learned that my dogs are so loud on the tree, they activate the sound suppression. Although, I will say the lawnmower was still pretty loud with the ProEars.

I know in a recent episode you reviewed a pair of in-the-ear active hearing protection. Now that I’m in the market for another pair could you please refresh my memory as to what those were? Can you also compare them to what I have described? I am also interested to know how Jeremy’s Peltiors stack up and what model they are.

Side Note: Aaron you’re a fucking pussy for taking a buddy heater hunting. The only buddy heater I’ve ever taken in the woods is my wife’s warm pussy. If you’re cold just eat a full-size candy bar, drink a cup of coffee, and put in a double-decker of chew. Once you get your heart rate gets over 130 you’ll stay warm even sitting still. Grow a pair of balls! They work great for keeping your hands warm. And when you get so old your balls stop working, like my father, get a battery-powered heated vest and socks.


Keith W: 

I recently purchased a True Precision threaded barrel and Griffin Armament Carry Comp for my P365XL. This is my first comp on a pistol. Will I need to change the spring? I have read where I might need to, but I don’t know anything about it. Can you give me any advice? Do I have anything to be worried about if I shoot without changing the spring? Thanks, Keith


Kevin B

Hey guys,I listen to your show like clockwork and you all seem like a great bunch of dudes to have 15 or so beers with. Just got a Glock 40 mos and wanted your take on that gun specifically and what you all think about the 10mm cartridge in general. Thanks -I just remembered I have a 10mm

Witzelsucht P

More of a suggestion on book series. You all need to read the Red rising series by Pierce Brown. Best books ever. Then I can ask what color you would all be. I have Jeremy as an obsidian Aaron as a purple. Nick would be orange. And Shawn would be a pink due to that ssb. Savage wouldn’t make the cut and would be left outside at birth. 


Chris L

Thanks for taking on my questions about EDC bags. I wanted to clarify a couple things like you asked me to. First I DO NOT wear yoga pants. I thought that was hilarious. Second I did want something with some Velcro inside and some molle but not something that looks like a battle rig. The main things I carry are a Glock 17 which I will be trading out for something smaller in the next few months, a 5” fixed blade fighting knife, a small Medical Gear Outfitters med kit, a couple spare handgun mags, old man reading glasses, small knife, electrical tape and misc pens, sharpies, small tools. I also want the ability to put in an iPad when needed. I usually carry strong side OWB but need the option to stow a pistol for more conceal-ability. Many of the buildings I go into for work have signs up that say firearms are not permitted so even with a good CC holster and gun I worry about it being seen. Where I live you can still legally carry regardless of the sign but the company has the option to ask you to leave and since I am a contractor I don’t want to be escorted out. I have looked at backpacks (Jansport etc) but just throwing stuff in and having to root around seems less that efficient. Sorry again for the long questions and I really appreciate your help! PS I love the show!


Josh R

Have any of you ever shot ballistic gel and then stuck your penis in the hole to see what it feels like, I’m really curious as to what it would feel like, I imagine it would be pretty good, thanks for the in put.


Aiden S

Hello WLS, curious if you could give some social Media tips. I got a state travel tiktok and Instagram. I currently have 50k subs on tiktok and 1000 on insta, been invited to a few events was curious how I increase subs and views. Any info would be helpful! This is just for fun but seeing the success has been really cool. One of the videos i made lead to a restaurant selling out but ive sort of hit a wall in the last month and curious what some pros who do it full time know


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